<style type="text/css"> <!--.tabulka {width: 750px;border-left: 0px solid darkred;border-right: 0px solid darkred;border-top: 0px solid darkred;border-bottom: 1px dashed darkred;}--> <br></style><div class="tabulka"><table width="95% border="0"> <th> </th> <th align="left"><font size="4">20nd June, 2017 <font color="#660000">NEW PUPPIES IN TRAINING PROGRAMME<font color="black"></th> <th> </th></tr><td> </td><td align="left"><font size="4"> Cody and Coco are siblings with Czech and DDR working bloodline. They will be ready to leave our kennel in one month, when they are fully vaccinated with international passport and microchip. More information you can find <a href="../nabidka_stenatek/puppies.html">here</a>. <br> </table></div> <br></style><div class="tabulka"><table width="95% border="0"> <th> </th> <th align="left"><font size="4">2nd January, 2017 <font color="#660000">NEW GSD IN TRAINING PROGRAMME<font color="black"></th> <th> </th></tr><td> </td><td align="left"><font size="4"> We have got new young dogs in training programme. Their names are Alex and Buddy. Both of them are really good looking and promising for K9 work. <br><br>More information in section <a href="../psi_ve_vycviku/dogs_in_training.html">"Dogs in training"</a>. <br> </td><td><a href="foto_novinky/20170102_1.jpg" target="blank" ><img src="foto_novinky/20170102_1.jpg" border="2" height="60"></a> <br><a href="foto_novinky/20170102_2.jpg" target="blank" ><img src="foto_novinky/20170102_2.jpg" border="2" height="60"></a><br></td> </table></div>